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Our Services

Regent Estates has the resources and capacity to offer asset valuations, real estate investment consultancy and management of real estate investments of whatever size, complexity and location.

Acquisition and disposal of development sites and properties

Working with the Regent acquisition and disposals team gives you access to vast market and technical expertise. This means you will have a full understanding of a site’s constraints, value and development potential, enabling you to realise maximum proceeds.

Our first priority is always to understand your business needs and priorities. Your commercial drivers have to be the basis for any decision that is to be made.

We provide support through the entire process of acquisition or disposal in different ways;

Site Analysis

To help you fully understand the site’s physical and technical issues, and the potential risk and reward of development.

Development Appraisal

We can assist you to compare the relative value of different mix and density schemes in light of planning guidance.

Market Intelligence

To help you assess potential bidders, purchase price levels and other opportunities including special purchases

Planning Strategy

We can assess the different uses of plans and planning guidance to decide whether to market with or without planning permission or brief.

Marketing Strategy

To help clients prepare for the sale.

Valuation of land, fixed and loose assets

We have significant experience and knowledge of relevant markets . This has enabled us to create a niche in the valuation of land, fixed and loose assets. Regent Estates’ principles are founded on individual client accountability.

During our valuation process, valuers analyse sales of both vacant land and improved properties,making adjustments for the added value of improvements.

Valuation of plant and machinery

Among the issues we consider in the valuation of plant and machinery are the specific utility or usefulness of the asset, its contribution to the production of goods and services for which it is designed and deployed. Additionally, we also cover estimation in monetary terms, the worth of the plant and machinery in existing use or their contribution to the profitability of the business after considering the market situation or standard of maintenance within Uganda.

Regent Estates has worked with various industries in the region ranging from Cement & Construction to Real Estate, Telecom, and Information Technology & Electronics.

We have undertaken a large number of valuation assignments to estimate the market value of fixed assets of various private and public sector companies for different purposes by adopting internationally recognized and respected valuation approaches and techniques.

Our services also extend to asset valuation in which we use both subjective and objective measurements depending on the purpose of the valuation whether it is to prepare for a sale or prior to purchasing insurance. Both personal and real property is considered during liquidation as per our client’s wishes. We carry out extensive research and advise our clients accordingly.

Development consultancy, feasibility study and property market research

Our team of consultants is equipped to conduct market research anywhere in the region. With our affiliates in other parts of East Africa, our teams successfully carry out extensive feasibility studies. We have accurate analysis and detailed reports from clients ranging from investors to government organisations.

Project Management

Regent Estates has the ability to manage entire projects through established processes; seamless integration of service providers; proven methodologies; and the preservation of a competitive cost environment. The end result is a fully scrutinized and documented solution with quantitative and qualitative benefits.

The team consists of experienced members, well versed in the fields of architecture, construction, development, engineering, technology, accounting and property management.

The services provided herein include strategic facility planning, project and cost management and Development management. We review operations and recommend updates to improve efficiencies and cut costs. This includes facility assessments, building system analyses, value engineering, quality assurance and more.

Leasing of property

We specialise in letting property in and around Kampala. We deal with a large portfolio of properties and can offer a wide spectrum of options to choose from.

We understand that our clients require flexibility and professionalism to secure property for business or even to relocate and we offer advice to ensure a smooth transition.

Management and administration of commercial and residential portfolios

We focus on value retention for our clients and ensure optimal returns for the property.

We have a team dedicated to managing the property to ensure value enhancement.

We ensure that all these aspects are in check to maintain efficiency and make certain no areas are overlooked.

Asset management and strategic planning services

At Regent Estates, we develop and implement policies and procedures to expedite the acquisition, disposition and leasing of property while realizing the greatest value to the client.

We make sure productivity is streamlined to ensure minimal loss of capital.

We implement asset management strategies for our client’s facilities, develop value added real estate solutions for assets and generate development strategies to maximise the value of property holdings.

At Regent, the client’s needs are our priority and each portfolio is handled to ensure suitability and affordability for the customer. We analyze, rationalize, demonstrate and communicate the accurate whole-life cost implications of real property solutions or policies that are introduced in response to client needs.

We ensure that we perform the proper due diligence by investigating and verifying information as it pertains to the property.

Facilities management

In an industry that requires careful management of physical property operations, personnel, and finances, we ensure that we have an asset plan which provides the necessary direction for successful facilities management.

Our asset plan is designed following an in-depth analysis of the property and its position in the market. It implements the client’s objectives in the property’s management.

We ensure that extensive research is done with specifics about the property and surrounding market